Projectile Point Identification Guide

Alphabetical Listing of North America Projectile Points

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Name Picture Shape Size Cultural Period Validity
Jack's Reef Corner Notch
AKA: Broad Corner Notch
Corner Notch Medium Woodland Valid Type
Jack's Reef Pentagonal Triangle Small to Medium Woodland Valid Type
Jackson Side Notch Small Late Woodland to Mississippian Valid Type
Jackson River
(More Information Needed)
Jakie Stemmed
AKA: Jakie Shelter
Expanding Stemmed Medium Early Archaic Valid Type
Jalama Side Notch Small to Medium Early to Middle Archaic Valid Type
James "Jimmy" Allen
AKA: Allen
Lanceolate Medium Transitional Paleo Valid Type
Jay Stemmed Medium to Large Early to Middle Archaic Valid Type
Jeff Auriculate Medium Transitional Paleo Valid Type
Jergen (MacCorkle)
Site Specific
Expanding Stem / Bifurcated Medium Early Archaic
Site Specific Type
Jessup Stemmed Medium Early Archaic Provisional Type
Jetta Stemmed / Bifurcated Medium to Large Early Archaic Valid Type
Jim Thorpe
(More Information Needed)
Expanding Stem      
Johnson Stemmed Medium Early to Middle Archaic Valid Type
Jones Creek
(More Information Needed)
Jora Contracting Stem Medium Middle Archaic Provisional Type
AKA: Coahuila - Collectors Type
Josselyn Corner Notch Medium Early to Middle Archaic Provisional Type
(More Information Needed)
Jude Stemmed Small Transitional Paleo to Early Archaic Valid Type
Juno Broad Base
AKA for Ensor
Corner to Side Notch Medium to Large Transitional Archaic AKA Type