Projectile Point Identification Guide

Alphabetical Listing of North America Projectile Points

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Name Picture Shape Size Cultural Period Validity
AKA for Gunther Triangle
Triangle Small to Medium Developmental AKA Type
Ugashik Expanding Stem to Stemmed Small to Medium Northern Artic Tradition Valid Type
Uinta Side Notch Small Developmental Valid Type
Unalaska Fishtail Expanding Stem Medium to Large Aleutian Tradition Valid Type
Bear Subtype
Stemmed Medium to Large Norton Tradition Bear Subtype
Union Side Notch Side Notch to Auriculate Medium to Large Transitional Paleo to Early Archaic Valid Type
Union Expanding Stem Small to Medium Middle Woodland Provisional Type
Upper Valley Side Notch
AKA for Damron
Side Notch Small to Medium Early Archaic AKA Type
Utkiavik Stemmed Small to Medium Norton Tradition Valid Type
Bear Subtype
Stemmed Large Norton Tradition Bear Subtype
Uvalde Stemmed Medium Early Archaic Valid Type
Uwharrie Triangle Small Woodland Valid Type