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Named By: Charles M. Nelson
Named For
Date Identified:  1969
Type Site: Sunset Creek Site (45-KT-28), Mid-Columbia River, Washington
Quilomene Bar

Commonly Utilized Material:

Cultural Period:   
2,500 - 1,500 B.P.
Transitional Archaic
Neoglacial to Little Ice Age

Glacial Period:

Outline is Representative of Size and Shape:

Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern:

This is a medium triangular corner to basal notch point with an elliptical cross section.  The blade varies from excurvate to straight.  The shoulders are barbed (see below for shoulder descriptions).  The stem ranges from straight (basal notch) to expanding.  The base is primarily slightly convex, but may range from straight to slightly concave.  This point has a random flaking pattern.     

Size Measurements:  Total Length - 25 to 69 mm,  Stem Length - 5 to 9 mm,  Blade Width - 16 to 38 mm (average 18 to 24 mm),  Neck Width - 9 to 12 mm,  Basal Width - 10 to 18 mm,  Thickness - 4 to 8 mm
























































Distribution Comments:
This point is primarily found in the Columbia Plateau of Washington and Oregon and into western Idaho.


Similar Points:
Eastgate, Elko, Hells Canyon, Merrybelle, Priest Rapids, Snake River
Related / Associated Points:
Additional Comments:

Three types have been identified:

Corner Notch
: Thick heavy corner notch point with a slightly excurvate to straight blade.  Shoulders are barbed with a expanding stem.

Basal Notch Type A: 
Thick heavy basal notch point with barbed shoulders that terminate with a squarish barb that extends to the base.

Basal Notch Type B: 
A thinner basal notch point with barbed shoulders that have a rounded to pointed termination.


Corner Notch

Basal Notch Type A

Basal Notch Type B

Other points in this Cluster:
Point Validity:    Valid  Type

Nelson is an anthropologist who has conducted extensive studies into the archaeology of Colorado and the Puget Sound region.  This type was named in a professional publication and has many professional references.  This is considered a valid type.



















































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Quilomene Bar Projectile Point, Quilomene Bar Arrowhead