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Name Details:
Named By:  Howard D. Winters
Named For:  Thebes, Illinois
Date Identified:  1967
Type Site:  Wabash Valley, Illinois
AKA: Cache Diagonal Notch
Cluster:  Thebes Cluster

Commonly Utilized Material:

Cultural Period:   
10,000 - 8,000 B.P.
Early Archaic
Early to Middle Holocene

Glacial Period:

Outline is Representative of Size and Shape:

Diagonal Notch

Dogleg Notch
Square Notch
Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern:

This is a medium to large triangular corner notched point with a flat to elliptical cross section.  The blade may range from straight to excurvate.  Heavily re-sharpened examples may have a recurvate blade.  Serrations may be seen on the blade of re-sharpened examples.  The blade is commonly beveled on the left side of the blade (Justice, 1987). The shoulders are barbed.  The notch may vary depending on the point variation (please see additional comments below).  The stem is expanding.  The base may vary from slightly concave to convex.  The base has heavy basal grinding.  This point has a random flaking pattern. 

Size Measurements:  Length - 40 to 117 mm (average 57 mm),  Stem Length - 13 to 26 mm,  Width at Barbs - 24 to 56 mm,  Stem Width - 23 to 46 mm,  Neck Width - 15 to 21 mm,  Thickness - 7 to 12 mm,  Notch Depth - 5 to 12 mm,  Notch Width - 4 to 10 mm.























































Distribution Comments:
These points are commonly found in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and into eastern Iowa.  This point is found with less frequency into Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the upper Ohio River valley.  This point is rarely found into Ontario limited to terraces and beach ridges.


Similar Points:
Bolen, Charleston, Kirk Corner Notch, Pine Tree Corner Notch, Stilwell
Related / Associated Points:
Thebes E Notch
Additional Comments:

There are four variations identified for this point by the University of Cincinnati in 1987.
    1.  Diagonal Notch - The notch enters the blade from the base angling towards the tip
        - most commonly found in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.
    2.  Dogleg Notch - The notch is angled upwards and curved - most commonly found in
    3.  Square Notch - The notch is wide square notch that is angled upwards.
    4.  E Notch - This variation has it's own page, please see Thebes E Notch.

Diagonal Notch

Dog Leg Notch

Square Notch

Other points in this Cluster:
Calf Creek, Lost Lake, St. Charles, Thebes E Notch
Point Validity:    Valid  Type

Winters is a distinguished anthropologist who did extensive research in Illinois.  He identified this point during the survey of the Wabash Valley in Illinois.  This point was named in a professional publication and has many professional references.  This is a valid type.




















































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Thebes Projectile Point, Thebes Arrowhead