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Name Details:
Named By Howard D. Winters
Named For
Date Identified:  1967
Type Site:  Wabash Valley, Illinois

Commonly Utilized Material:

Cultural Period:   
7,000 - 5,500 B.P.
Middle Archaic
Middle Holocene

Glacial Period:

Outline is Representative of Size and Shape:

Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern:

This is a medium to large corner notch point with an elliptical cross section.  The blade is excurvate and may be  finely serrated.  Narrow notches enter from the corner of the preform forming a shoulder that is barbed and an expanding stem.  The base is primarily straight but may vary to slightly convex or slightly concave.  This point has a random flaking pattern.    


Size Measurements:  Total Length - 55 to 110 mm (average 60 to 80 mm),  Stem Length - 7 to 11 mm,  Blade Width at Shoulders - 35 to 45 mm,  Neck Width - 17 to 24 mm,  Stem Width - 22 to 32 mm (***based on small sample size***)
























































Distribution Comments:
This point is primarily found in west-central Illinois and into Missouri.


Similar Points:
Kirk Corner Notch, Lost Lake, Pine Tree Corner Notch, Thebes
Related / Associated Points:
Additional Comments:


Other points in this Cluster:
Point Validity:    Valid  Type

Winters is a distinguished anthropologist who did extensive research in Illinois.  He identified this point during the survey of the Wabash Valley in Illinois.  This point was named in a professional publication and has limited professional references.  This point has many collector type references.  This is a valid type.



















































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