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Named By: Gregory Perino
Named For:  Type Site
Date Identified:  1971
Type Site:  The Lundy site (34CG15), Craig County, Oklahoma
(Collector type)

Commonly Utilized Material:

Cultural Period:   
800 - 600 B.P.
Late Caddoan
Medieval Warm

Glacial Period:

Outline is Representative of Common Size and Shape:
Lundy Projectile Point

Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern:

This is a small to medium triangular corner notch point with an elliptical ross section.  The blade is primarily excurvate.  The shoulders may vary from slightly barbed to horizontal.  The stem is expanding with a slightly convex base.  This point has a random flaking pattern.


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Distribution Comments:

This point is primarily found in Craig County, Oklahoma and into the surrounding region.  This point may be found in the Caddoan cultural region.

Similar Points:
Helton, Kay Blade, Motley, Steuben, Table Rock
Related / Associated Points: 
Additional Comments:


Lundy Projectile Point
Other points in this Cluster:

Point Validity:   Collector Type

Perino was a well-respected self-taught archeologist who was the founder of the Illinois State Archeological Society.  This point was named in a professional publication but has no or limited professional references.  This type does have collector type references.  This is considered a collector type.












































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23, 90
Lundy Projectile Point, Lundy Arrowhead