Name Details:
Named By:  Perry Newell and Alex D. Krieger
Named For
Date Identified: 1949
Type Site: George C. Davis Site, Cherokee County, Texas

Commonly Utilized Material:

3,800 - 1,700 B.P.
Late Archaic to Early Woodland
Neoglacial to Roman Warm
Cultural Period: 
Glacial Period:   

Outline is Representative of Common Size and Shape:

Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern:

This is a thick small to medium triangular corner notch to expanding stem point with an elliptical cross section.  The blade varies from excurvate to straight.  The shoulders are primarily slightly barbed, but may vary to horizontal or at a slight upwards angle in re-sharpened examples.  The stem is expanding, but is never as wide as the shoulders.  The base is straight to convex.  This point is commonly crudely made and has a random flaking pattern.

Size Measurements:  Length - 30 to 50 mm,  Stem Length - 12 to 25 mm (typically 1/4 to 1/2 the total length),  Width at shoulders - 20 to 30 mm,  Stem Width - 15 to 20 mm (Suhm and Krieger, 1954)






























































Distribution Comments:

This point is primarily associated with the eastern Texas Aspect (eastern Texas and into Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma).  This point has diminished frequency into other highlighted areas.


Similar Points:
Edgewood, Ensor, Godley, Marcos, Zavala
Related / Associated Points:
Additional Comments:
Other Websites with Detailed Information:

This point may be difficult to distinguish from the Edgewood and Zavala types (Turner and Hester, 1985).

Ellis Projectile Point
Other points in this Cluster:

Point Validity:  Valid Type

Newell was a distinguished anthropologist who oversaw and directed excavation at many important sites.  Krieger was a renowned anthropologist who spent most of his career in Texas cataloging projectile points and pottery in Texas before moving on to the University of Washington.  This type was named in a professional publication and has many professional references.  This is considered a valid type.


































Age Details:
Ellis Projectile Point, Ellis Arrowhead
Pictures Provided By:
As Illustrated by Bell, 1958
Stacy Ashby
Rodney Davis
Texas Arrowheads
Sabine Relics
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Ellis Projectile Point, Ellis Arrowhead