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Named By: Ripley P. Bullen
Named For: Leon County, Florida
Date Identified: 1968
Type Site: 

Commonly Utilized Material:

Cultural Period:   
1,600 - 1,100 B.P.
Late Woodland
Roman Warm to Vandal
Weeden Island Culture

Glacial Period:


Outline is Representative of Common Size and Shape:

Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern:

This is a small ovate corner notch point with an elliptical cross section.  The blade varies from slightly excurvate to straight, serrations are never present.  The shoulders range from slightly barbed to horizontal.  The stem is expanding with a straight to convex base.  The basal corners are generally rounded.  Basal and hafting region grinding is absent.  This point is well made with a random flaking pattern.

Size Measurements:  Total Length - 25 to 40 mm,  Stem Length - 4 to 7 mm,  Blade Width - 15 to 25 mm,  Stem Width - 12 to 18 mm (always narrower than the blade),  Neck Width - 8 to 16 mm,  Thickness - 5 to 6 mm




























































Distribution Comments:

This point is primarily found in northern Florida and into southern Georgia and southeastern Alabama.

Similar Points:
Duval, Lafayette, Taylor
Related / Associated Points:
Additional Comments:

These points are similar to the Duval points, but Duvall points are longer and narrower with a notch that enters the blade from the side.

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Leon Projectile Point
Other points in this Cluster:
Point Validity:   Valid Type

Bullen was a distinguished anthropologist and Curator Emeritus of the Florida Museum of Natural History.  He was dedicated to identifying and typing projectile points from Florida.  This point was named in a professional publication and is professionally a widely recognized type.  This is a valid type.










































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As Illustrated by Schroder, 2002
Shannon Carter

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