Include your Pictures in the Identification Guide
We strive to make this the largest and most comprehensive on-line projectile point typology database.  In order to make this a reality, me need help for people who are willing to share their pictures with others.  The greater number of pictures that is shown on the points page, helps other people identify the points that they have questions about.  Please help us and others by donating pictures of your points.  Everyone who donates pictures are listed on the Special Thanks Page.  In addition, your name will be place on the point page where your points are shown. (currently the names have been removed from the points page, but new detailed pages are starting to go up and the names will be added to the new pages)
Please submit your photos using the provided e-mail.

In addition, please
* Send pictures in JPG format 
* Send a high resolution image
* Use a contrasting background
* Send a color picture, black and white is not       
* Place a ruler or coin for size reference.  Please do
   not photograph in hand

We retain the rights to use the photograph in this website and publications.