Citing this Website
There has been several people who have recently contacted me regarding citing this website.  First, I would like to explain how this website is referencing and citing the sources used.  At the bottom right of each type page is a box listed References Used.  In that box is a number that corresponds to an entry on the reference page.  There are two types of references, the first is a number only which if listed first on the Reference page and the second starts with a W (website) which is listed below the numbered references.  This system is only used for general references only.  General references are those that were reviewed in order to ensure that every page was as accurate as possible.  A working example is the type descriptions.  Before the descriptions were written; I read all reference material that was available and pulled examples to assist with the providing as much information as possible to the reader.  The descriptions are my interpretations but the references were utilized as a heavy influence. (Please read About the Point Pages for more detailed information on which sections use references).  The Additional Comments section has direct citations which may not be listed in the references used page.  I have a complete reference page that is listed in alphabetical order.  This page has not been posted yet, but will by the completion of this research.  If you needed information on references listed there, please contact me for that information.

A bit of information regarding myself. I have had an interest in archaeology since I was a child.  My father was and "amateur archeologist" and befriended the anthropologist of the local university.  This friendship helped expand my understanding of what anthropology meant.  We were able to help on many excavations and surveys which was a great experience.  You would think that this experience would be the great beginning to a career in anthropology, but it never happens that way.  I attended University of Maryland graduating with a degree in Psychology.  I continued my education at North Carolina Central University (UNC-Durham) and received a degree in Sociology.  I was intrigued on how technology enhanced and changed cultures.  I looked at projectile points from my childhood and from where I was at (two different coasts) and found the similarities amazing, not only did the change in technology span from one coast to the other, but it changed fairly quickly and consistently spreading across North America.  I wanted to study this change and how these points spread from the original origin where the technology changed.  That was the birth of this page.  This research has been underway for many years now.  The fist version of this website was published January 24 2008.  The whole website was reconstructed and published on June 6 2014.  The pages have been under constant updates since that time.  I currently have over 1,300 points listed and the total website has almost 4,000 pages and over 90,000 files.  Specific pages are constantly updated so I cold not tell you what the published date is each one, but if you need that information please contact me.

This website has been a collaboration between myself, Brandon Larsen and my wife, Rachel Larsen.  She helps pull research and is there for discussions and ideas.  She is currently finishing her Thesis in Medical Anthropology from Creighton University.  She has been a great help and gives me the anthropology perspective.  In return I remind her that anthropologist are just sociologist who did not get the big picture (the banter goes back and forth).

If you need some help citing there is a great website that will create a cite for you.  You just enter the information and the style and it creates it.  You can visit:

Also, if you are working on a research project, please visit and read about the new Research Center section of this website.

If you have any questions, please contact me at: